TouchDesigner • Spark AR • Ableton Live • Illustrator

During the Summer of 2023, I had the opportunity to create an exhibit for Nuit Blanche with a talented team of artists and designers. Under the direction of artist Elham Fatapour, we developed 'Uniplex,' a multimedia installation exploring themes of geometry, symmetry, and transformation.

I designed two augmented reality experiences, bringing a large painted mural to life and transforming a 2D geometric design into a 3D dome.

Below on the left are the inner workings of the 'corner mural' AR experience, where the walls break open releaving a rotating vortex made up of four layers. On the right is the animation sequence for the 3D dome experience. Both were created in Spark AR's patch editor.

I also developed an interactive installation in which users could manipulate graphics and sound by moving their hands. Below is a diagram of my TouchDesigner network for the interactive projection. Depth data was captured with a Kinect sensor, tracking the X, Y, and Z positions of each hand. This data was then routed to a multitude of parameters to manipulate the projection.